momonga of kisyou

Rare animal

It is estimated at 45 billion years, and it is still ..history of mankind.. shallow also on the day compared with managing the earth, and kind of a great number of living things that live.. doesn't pass there. However, oneself has destroyed the nature that must be a part from a self-importance standpoint "Man is the lord of creation" etc. to the origin of the name of the civilization and the chemistry.
And, it deprives of the ground of content of other wildlives who should be equal as brothers on the earth, and the right of the living has been pressed.

The Amami rabbit (Amami field black rabbit and Pentalagus furnessi) is rabbits classified into the animal kingdom Chordata gate Mammalia rabbit eye rabbit family Amami rabbit belonging. The Amami rabbit belonging is composed of this kind of seeing.

The flying squirrel (imitation imitation tool harmony and ? rat) is generic names of small mammals that belong to numerical belonging of flying squirrel sub-families including the flying squirrel belonging. Companion of squirrel that flies by gliding. Moreover, Japan flying squirrel (Pteromys momonga) is especially indicated to the narrow sense.